Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary

Surprise! Early morning flowers from Jay. They sit beside the sawyer man wood carving we unearthed at our new home on Lake Sawyer. I imagine someone carving and painting him in honor of the saw mill that was nearby, long ago.  He was buried in our mud but he will sit on our fireplace mantle in a few weeks.

We had a wonderful 27th wedding anniversary. I spent the day inside, packing up the pantry - in part to avoid Jay's 3-day garage sale going on outside. We also had a surprise visit from our grandson William (Noah) and his father, Drew. They are logging driving hours in preparation for William's drivers license at the end of summer. He is driving my 1993 Volvo 940 station wagon - my favorite car ever - the color of my tricycle, and this day complete with sticky cherry blossoms. Drew has been keeping the car in good repair the past 12 years for this day.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Rosewood Rocker

My latest furniture repair - the Rosewood Rocker. When my first husband and I purchased a 1903 farmhouse and 13 acres on Vashon Island in 1974 from Mr. Art Shane, we also purchased his round oak table, roll top desk and the rosewood rocking chair. My daughter has the table and desk and eventually the rocker will go to my son. I am finally getting around to doing something about the horse hair and miscellaneous stuffing in the seat. I left the horsehair in place but removed the hay/straw, dirty rags and other strange fabric.

Original stuffing Rosewood Rocker
Original seat stuffing
Rosewood rocker with new stuffing, leather-like cushion and small back cushion.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My biggest fan

Illusion, colored pencil, 2002
Yesterday, Jay and I had the pleasure of meeting with my biggest fan, Ginny, and her husband Bill to deliver my colored pencil drawing, "Illusion" to them. Over the years she and her husband have acquired quite a number of my paintings and drawings and I am so pleased to have Illusion join their collection.

Ginny surprised me with a gift of one of her beautiful silk quilts embellished with glass beads. Thank you Ginny!