Saturday, May 9, 2015


One of my art goals has been to earn the title of Distinguished Pastelist with the Northwest Pastel Society. That happened yesterday when Juror Michael Chesley Johnson awarded my painting "Path to Gold Creek" the Directors' Award at the NPS 29th Annual International Open Exhibition. I'm happy.

To obtain DP status is especially meaningful to me because I have long felt that once I accomplished that goal, I would quit entering NPS competitions and instead, sponsor an award. I put it on my to-do list with our tax man for next year.

Another milestone this week: our house has passed the final inspection! I spent yesterday weeding the flower garden under the maple tree near the lake. The French doors to the lake were open and I could hear the business of the painters inside. I am in awe that I will get to live there! I'm not sure how to explain the contentment I feel knowing that my Grandma, Grandpa, aunts and uncles rest in peace in the Black Diamond Cemetery not far away. Also, I know what roads to take to drive by Grandma's house in Morganville. I'm happy. Mill Pond Cottage Blog

Another milestone: Years ago I discovered Frappe mix at Costco. YUM. caloric. YUM. I began making coffee in a French Press to mix with the Frappe for a morning mocha. I became one of the those people who HAD to have my morning mocha before anything else could happen. Then, one day, it was GONE from my local Costco. When I inquired I was told it was discontinued at all Costco with the last delivery at a Costco about 20 miles away. I called, they still had some; I raced there and bought 18 lbs of mocha mix. At checkout, the Costco employee told me a woman was in the store buying multiple 3-lb bags because she couldn't live without it. That was my story too.

I have always kept a backup bag (or two) so when I began packing up for our move, I packed the 18 lbs in a moving box and took it out to the garage to the growing pile. Then, last week I ran out of mocha mix. Aarggh. I found it on Amazon but it is $28 for a 3-lb bag. I just can't do that but I also can't find the box in the garage. Jay saw my pain and ran to the store and bought me a substitute. Not the same, not even close.

So the next morning, I made a cup of Lipton tea with sugar and the only milk I had - Evaporated Milk. Voila! It is the exact cup of tea I remember from my childhood at my Aunt Evie's house (312 J Street - within walking distance of our house at 509 M Street). Now I think of her every morning and am beginning to crave the sandwich she made for me: a piece of Wonder bread with real butter and sprinkled gritty, granulated sugar, folded in half.