Saturday, November 28, 2015

The tree is up!

I have NEVER put the tree up this early but here we are, the Saturday after Thanksgiving and our great room is all festive. I may even get Christmas cards out this year. Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspire Yourself

On my Art Journal Blog I've posted many ways I keep myself motivated and inspired to paint. I've spoken of keeping a computer file labeled "Inspiration" where I place images of other artists' works and recently I wrote about being inspired by the painters at my local community club. This week I discovered another source of inspiration and perhaps this is the most valuable...myself.

Six months ago when we moved to our new home, I purged art supplies, books, frames, and 25 years of painting history including show acceptance (and rejection) paperwork, award certificates and ribbons. Two items I kept are a Best of Show ribbon and my IAPS Master Circle medal. I also saved my art journals of notes, sketches and printed images of my work. Now, as I organize my studio to paint again, these objects have become my inspiration. When I peruse early journals I am happy to see that my work has matured and it inspires me to continue my painting journey to see where I might end up.

In the years ahead, I will continue to need inspiration so I've started a new journal with notes and current images. It takes a little time to print images, make a few notes or jot down thoughts but I believe that documenting your art life and work is part (an important part) of being an artist. If you sometimes feel you need inspiration, instead of looking outside to the work of others, review your own work and look how far you've come!