Thursday, June 9, 2016

More Time to Paint

I am WORKING at learning to paint with acrylics AGAIN. This time through an online course. It is an eye-opener about this interesting medium. It is also challenging and I sometimes paint for hours totally absorbed in learning until it is time to make dinner.

MAKE DINNER. I am really tired of thinking of what to make for dinner. If I were alone, I'd eat pasta every night. Oh...I forgot, I'm trying to eat very few carbs (I'm down 6 lbs, YAY!). Anyway, back to that meal planning thing. Here's something I'm trying which gives me more time to paint. Blue Apron. We made our first meal last night. Tonight we'll make their pork chops. I didn't see a can of cream of mushroom soup in the box so this will be a new experience.

Our first Blue Apron Meal: Steakhouse Salmon with potatoes and green beans. Delicious!

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