Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Eating my words

OK. I'm eating my words. When we moved here 17 months ago I blogged about separating my office from my Studio. I probably spoke of left-brain right-brain and about how focused on art I planned to be without a computer in my Studio. Right.

Since then, I have posted several times about my lack of bonding with my new Studio and my efforts to correct that. I painted one wall pink. I installed additional track lighting and held small workshops here. I began using a laptop for a few things.

I give up. Today Jay carried my 7-year old iMac downstairs and I'm posting this from it now. For me, this makes my Studio complete and it will be where I head each morning instead of to my upstairs office/sewing room. Once in here, there is a better chance I'll make it to my easels more often.

My pastel commitments are complete for the year with my Loose, not Labored workshop two weeks ago and Judging the NWPS Member Show last weekend. I'll still paint with pastel each Friday afternoon but I look forward to spending the rest of 2016 exploring other mediums. Another end of year project is cleaning up my FileMaker Pro Art Database and working with my Web Designer, Kay Dewar, to create a new website.

While working on images for my website Archives, I came across perfect examples in my work of the roundy-marks that identified me then as a pastel novice - the every-little-leaf problem with the end of the pastel stick. If you were at my workshop or the NWPS Member Show opening, you may have heard me talking about those kind of marks in pastel work. More about that later in a HOW TO PASTEL post on my Art Journal Blog. Until then, I'm a happy camper in my Studio.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Prune Tree

From the West Unto the East, pastel, 13 x 14 inches
The backstory of this painting.