Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gone but not forgotten.

I'm not certain what this post is about but I feel compelled to tell you this story. My husband collects stuff. The other day, among his newly acquired treasures was an old paintbox and brushes. He gifted them to me and I put the brushes to soak in vegetable oil while I cleaned up the paintbox, all the while wondering about the artist. I know his name was Jerry. He is recently deceased, his relatives are selling his belongings.

His brushes are scrubbed and frazzled but when I hold them, I feel the determination of his grip. Like all of us who paint, I know that he experienced elation and joy as well as frustration and doubt as he used them.

The point of this story is the connection I feel to him. I am honored to be the caretaker of Jerry's palette and brushes and plan to use them. We live on through each other.

I used Jerry's brushes to finish this frosty morning scene and I signed my name with what I believe must be his "signature brush" because of the way it is cut down and the worn shaft. Though I don't know you, Jerry, I hope you are painting with joy today.

Frosty Morning Abrams Road, oil, 6x6 


  1. I love the story, Barbara. The painting is great also. I love the shine of the frost covered branches and foliage. But most of all I love the story of Jerry painting on even beyond his years here on earth. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kay, hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thanks for commenting here. b.

  2. I absolutely love this and the story attached. I too am beginning a journey into oils this summer after a 45 year sabbatical...

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