Saturday, November 10, 2018


Next week we will have new renters in our previous home and in my old, WONDERFUL studio - the place where I created art for 25 years. Over the past couple months, while cleaning and restoring the house to good order, I had a chance to again spend time in my studio. I miss my 5x7 foot table in the center of the room where I cut mat, framed art and much more. I could also seat 4 students around that table...thanks to all who took workshops from me there.

Recently I rearranged my new (lovely) studio and aha!, after more than three years in this workspace, I finally figured out why I haven't bonded it. It was my Fletcher mat cutter.  I now have a table large enough to accommodate both my Fletcher and my good old Logan. Bringing my Fletcher mat cutter out of storage has completed my relocation. I'm here and I have almost everything I gave up. Yay! I wish many hours of happy creativity to the new occupant of my old studio.

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